Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So the architect says "Think about lighting". And so you pour through magazines and books looking for ideas. And you realize that there are so many different types of lighting to choose...

There's the exterior lighting, which can make a house look beautiful at night...

Then there are the lovely chandeliers and drop fixtures that can be so creative and artistic..

and then there are the unique pieces that you notice in someones house, or in a picture, that make all the difference...

Good lighting can make a beautiful home even more beautiful...and functional. The challenge is to create the right mix of subtle and creative. I'll keep looking. Any ideas??

(Check out the lovely chandeliers from the home of Rose Unlacke in the New York Times magazine...stunning. (

Until tomorrow...




  1. I agree that lighting and chandeliers really make a house beautiful. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. Take care, Pamela


  3. Rachel, I LOVE that fixture....that will definitely going in the new house!