Meet Robyn

I am Robyn, a southern girl with a little french thrown in, married to Tony, my Italian husband. We have 4 beautiful children ages 13 through 30, and 4 lovely grandchildren (with one more on the way☺)

I have been a model, a buyer and a french tutor. I love being with my family, traveling, France, fashion, reading and painting. I have a deep faith in God and the goodness of people. Throw in a good cup of coffee, the new issue of Vogue and a baseball game, and I am good to go!

We are getting ready to embark on the building of a new home. I won’t call it a dream home, because anywhere I live with my family is my dream home. But this one will be special, because it is the first time we have built one from ground up, on our own.

I hope you will follow us in our adventure. I know it will be challenging, but most of all, I know it will be fun. From our first meeting with the architect…to the day we move in…I hope it will be a lovely ride. And one day, when the house is complete and we have moved in…I can look back and remember…

Please join us on this adventure!

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